Released Albums

Below are selections from albums I’ve released over the years.


Zsa Zsa

Released in 1996, This album was the last Studio album from San Diego band, “Zsa Zsa”.

Vocals and Rhythm Guitar: Adam Slonim

Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals: Adam Christopher Fox

Bass: Dennis Rasey

Drums and Percussion: Dave Peterson

The End and The Beginning

Defiant Digital Productions

Recorded in 1998 with no Budget, before the widespread advent of Protools. I had the rare opportunity to immerse myself for a short period of time in music. I was able to piece meal together bits and pieces of gear I had, recording in the converted dining room of my apartment in San Diego all hours of the day and night. I took what things had been happening in my life for the last several years, such as the death of my Father, and worked just to process all those thoughts and feelings to a musical canvas. Anger, frustration, loss, and also a new sense of freedom and fear of the unknown after having set out on my own as a Solo Artist. Full of mistakes and happenstance, still one my fondest musical memories to look back on.

Songs in the Key of 7

Defiant Digital Productions

Released in 2000, This time out, there were some slightly more sophisticated tools at work. Still no Pro Tools. Using the Sony Recording and Creation Software suite and an old Windows machine, I locked myself away in my Father’s studio in the family home. I had a great view of the canyon we’d lived on, and plenty of quiet. This Album has some guest appearances on it as well, most notably from a very good friend of mine, Rick LaFave of many different notable recording and touring bands, supplying the keys on “Chug”. I had a blast making this record, but soon the time ran out and I needed to go back to the real world. I’ve been working on remixing this full album, with newer and more sophisticated tools that I now have, such as Logix Pro X, and upsampling all the tracks to 24 bit, and so far they’ve been turning out how I originally wished they’d sound. The two tracks here being shared, “Chug” and “My Prayer” are the result of that Remixing undertaking.

When All Else Failed

Defiant Digital Productions

In 2002, I moved from San Diego to Grants Pass, Oregon. I bought a great house in the Country, on some land, and with plenty of room on the second floor for a large studio remodel. The house was huge, and had plenty of space for me to setup a large rehearsal and recording facility, complete with multiple isolation booths, a nice big sound room, and a good sized control room that had a nice window that faced to the west so I could take advantage of the beautiful view of the mountains to the West. I chose that place specifically because of that space upstairs, and the quiet setting in the Country it afforded me to make as much noise as I wanted without bothering anyone or having to be sensitive to times of day or night. I wanted to make it a new Woodstock house, and have all my friends in the business come visit, stay in the guest house and make music. I began working on new music as soon as I got settled, as these new surroundings really inspired me. The first two tunes I got recorded were the ones I’ve supplied here. “Mothertucker” and “Mist”. I recall having my coffee one morning, looking to the west and seeing the mist crawling it’s way up the mountains, moving around the trees, and finding every nook and cranny to continue its’ journey. It was a magical place. This ended up being an EP, as before I could get finished tracking everything I’d written, I had to go back to the real world, and so began my career in Law Enforcement. I continued to work on music when I could, but time became a rare commodity. I will get back to some of those pieces some of these days, they never really go away, they just morph into other things and the good material finds it’s way to the surface, just like the mist.

Upcoming Albums

Currently in the works is a collection of tunes tentatively titled “Back to Myself” although some other titles have also been tossed around. I’ve attached a couple demos of new tunes, just to give you a taste of what is being worked on at the moment. I generally put all my demos together prior to handing them out to musicians who will be tracking any live parts, so these are simply put together in my humble studio, and are rough.