Adam Christopher Fox

Musician, Producer, and Award Winning Voiceover Talent, picked up a guitar at 4 and began piano at the age of 5. After having several years of formal piano lessons, Adam stopped piano lessons and switched his primary instrument to guitar.



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3 hours ago

Adam Christopher Fox Musician
Always waiting for me .. ready to deliver hot, fresh elixir of life .. Gggggooooooooooddddddd Mmmmmooooorrrnnniiinnggggg everyone and happy Tuesday! I hope you’re all enjoying not Monday by this point .. I am enjoying the dark house and the aforementioned liquid of life .. got a busy day ahead filled with creative things aplenty.. I’ve got to say .. my dad taught me how to edit and splice audio when I was really young .. the thought of a small kid of 5 or so, wielding an Xacto knife to cut audio tape from open reels and splicing it back together, having to know how to mark the tape for the in and out points of the edit, and all that goes along with that .. is something I fall back on literally every day. Of course now, the tape is digital content, both audio and video, and it’s something I not only enjoy immensely, but it’s what pays the bills and keeps clients happily coming back for more. I can take horrible footage and make it so much better, I take the raw footage and cut it into beautiful projects that the clients are super happy with, and I do it all from my own humble production facility, while being comfortable in sweats and a hoodie. Thanks Dad for giving me such a valuable skill that has served me as a musician with my own projects even from childhood, for others, and of course to make a living doing something that never feels like work. 🙂 I hope you all have a fantastic day today.. get out there and be the version of you that you love! #dad #earlylessons #skillspaythebills #lettersfromhome #tink #musicianlife #adamfox #musician #music #guitar #7string #7stringplayer #sevenstringer #logicprox #musicproduction #recording #oregoncoast #postproduction ... See MoreSee Less
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