Adam Christopher Fox

Musician, Producer, and Award Winning Voiceover Talent, picked up a guitar at 4 and began piano at the age of 5. After having several years of formal piano lessons, Adam stopped piano lessons and switched his primary instrument to guitar.

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I've been enjoying the time around the house to start working on my Smart Home Upgrades.. Starting with the lighting.. I've done all the research that can be done, watched all the YouTube vids around, and I've decided to go with a single brand name for all the lighting for the inside of the house.. #lifx Lifx is the best solution out there.. The colors are more vibrant.. the longevity of the bulbs is huge.. They make a variety of solutions from bulbs, to strips, to beams, and although they may be more expensive than a lot of the stuff you can find on Amazon, the quality just can't be beat. I started with just a couple A19 bulbs.. and within 5 minutes of setting them up and using them.. I was ordering more.. They are definitely worth the money when you look at it over the long term, and how happy you will be with them during that long term.. The biggest bonus that I've discovered is that they're fully compatible with Apple Homekit.. Which is what I use for my Automation .. If you've been looking into some smart lighting for the home.. and are looking for the best Company.. it's definitely Lifx.. 16.7 millioin colors, full integration with Apple Homekit, Full automation capabilites, which really helps me to be able to set different scenes at different times to help keep me regulated and not sitting for too long, since I've been working at home most of my life.. and helps me to set the mood when I wake up and end the day.. There's really no down side here.. So.. If you're doing smart home stuff, and you get to the lighting.. do yourselves a favor.. just do it right the first time.. Get yourself some Lifx Products.. No they are not paying me anything or giving me free product to say that.. it's just the truth.. 🙂
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